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Trademark Registration

What is a trademark?
A trademark is a sign that distinguishes the goods and services of one trader from those of others. Typically a trademark can be words (including personal names), indications, designs, letters, characters, numerals, figurative elements, colours, sounds, and smells, the shape of the goods or their packaging or any combination of these. A sign must be capable of being represented graphically in order for it to be registered as a trademark.
According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, according to the Nice International Classification of Goods and Services "(9th edition) set the general classification; the classification will give guidelines to assist the applicant in the separation of the category of goods and services.

Advantages of trademark registration
Trademark holder’s benefits will be protected under trademark registration. There is no any third party is allowed to use the registered trademark or similar ones without permission of the holder. If, however, any one uses the unregistered trademark that belongs to you, you can protect your trademarks by common law. Generally, it is difficult to protect the trademarks under the common law.

Procedures of trademark registration

Duration of trademark registration
Validity of trademark registration will be 10 years, extension of validity would be 10 years, times of extension unlimited.

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